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TOSSD at a glance

TOSSD is a new international statistical framework for monitoring official resources and private finance mobilised by official interventions in support of sustainable development. It is designed to monitor both cross-border resources (Pillar I) and support to international public goods and global challenges (Pillar II). TOSSD includes both concessional and non-concessional support, from multilateral and bilateral finance providers, including South-South and triangular co-operation providers.

Latest videos

Mr. Risenga Maluleke - TOSSD strategic vision

Mr. Risenga Maluleke - Statistician-General and Head of Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) and co-chair of the TOSSD Task force - discusses the strategic vision of TOSSD at the TOSSD Task Force meeting in Pretoria, February 2020.

Mr. Jean Nestor Nguema Mebane - Gabon perspective on TOSSD

Mr. Jean Nestor Nguema Mebane - Deputy Director-General of Statistics in the Ministry of Economics and Finance of Gabon- shares his country perspective on TOSSD at the Task Force meeting in Pretoria, February 2020.